Increase in Scope of Activities and Capabilities 2016

This year has been a positive step forward in the growth of Inter-Tec’s capabilities and approvals. We have recently gained an increase in scope to our EASA Part21J DOA terms of approval which has been extended to include minor repairs to APU structural components, ducts and intakes. This is now in addition to our current scope for large and small aeroplanes and rotorcraft, in the form of changes and repairs to aircraft related to galleys and interior equipment, installation of avionics and electrical systems, secondary structures and installation of externally mounted equipment and all related structures pertaining to these requirements.

Furthermore, we have issued our first STC this year, and through this process and certification approval, have now expanding our engineering scope to cover EASA Part21J Major changes.

In expanding our activities, we have recently undertaken a number of projects with expanded capability in the management of manufacturing activities and provisions of modification and repair kits to several clients. This includes the delivery of complete modification and repair packages which include full design solution, EASA part 21J DOA approval and installation kits, to allow for a complete one stop service which meets client’s critical priorities, costs and timescales.